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Professional Skills Certification

A designation of distinction that shows employers you have what it takes to be more than just another employee, you have what it takes to be part of the team.

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Professional skills are in high demand

You'll leave Neeley with the skills to do the job. Will you have the skills to get the offer?

Communication: This is the number one skill employers look for in new hires, but what does communication really mean? Employers want new hires that listen, write clearly and professionally, present confidently, and have an ability to communicate complex information in a way others understand. 

Teaming: Personality differences account for the majority of team tension. Your ability to influence and establish positive relationships with members of your project team and constructively manage conflict will demonstrate your interpersonal acumen in achieving results.  

Attitude: When your mindset is positive you are more productive, better at solving problems, more creative, and have more energy than when your brain is negative, neutral, or stressed. In fact, individuals that view stress as a challenge rather than an obstacle outperform those who don’t.  

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What employers really want

The answer's been the same for over a decade!


Communication Leadership Interpersonal Skills
Works well in a team Initiative Tactfulness
Positive attitude Adaptability Creativity
Energetic Detail-oriented Professionalism

Compied from survey data gathered by LinkedIn, Gallup, and the National Association of Celleges and Employers

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Neeley Premium Credentials: Professional Skills Certification

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