Leading Edge Insights + Real World Applications – Customized for Your Organization’s Needs

From quickly customizing one of our dynamic and impactful current offerings to collaborating to create a unique new program tailored to your needs, TCU Neeley Executive Education is your trusted partner for programs designed to best fit your objectives, culture and challenges. Learn more about our collaborative design process, program delivery options, and testimonials from our partners.

The Design Process

Custom programs are designed to deliver results specific to your situation. Our collaborative process involves discovering, designing and delivering a program that fits your environment and helps you solve your toughest challenges.

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Listening is key. We move forward when we understand your unique business challenges and objectives. We can also help companies assess their current situation.

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Collaborative Design

This is where our innovative design team comes in. We'll tailor programs and services just for you, work with your team to incorporate tangible, real-life scenarios and ensure the content will provide the results you need.

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Flawless Delivery

It's go time. Prepare for immersive experiences that improve skills, change behavior and provide real-world results. Programs can be delivered in-person on TCU's campus, on-site at your facility or virtually.

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Custom Program Spotlight:

A Custom Mini-MBA Certificate Program for Your Organization

A custom “mini-MBA” certificate program is a robust, comprehensive and immersive experience for your company’s leaders. Uniquely designed for you, it delivers a powerful combination of leading-edge strategies and new business essentials crafted for success in today’s dynamic business environment. At TCU Neeley Executive Education, we’ll work with you to design a custom program to provide skills, tools and strategies for leaders challenged with leading their teams and organizations in a world of continuous transformation.

Complete the form below to receive more about building a Custom Mini-MBA Certificate Program and how we can help you build this program for your organization.

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Partner Programs Spotlight

RS Group: An Employer for Employees of the Future

RS Group, an omnichannel solutions provider for designers, builders, and maintainers of industrial equipment and operations, is committed to creating an authentic and sustainably diverse organization that seeks to embrace the very best talent. Crediting their people as the center of their business, their diverse and inclusive workforce is why this global business continues to move forward.

Forming a partnership in 2022, RS Group and TCU Neeley Executive Education have worked together to create applicable and accessible learning opportunities through a series of RS Group hosted sessions and a fully custom leadership program.

Learn more about the current partnership with RS Group and TCU and the impact and outcomes of the ongoing leadership programs.

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