You'll graduate with the skills to do the job. Will you have the skills to get the offer?

Neeley Premium Credentials: Professional Skills Certification is a designation of distinction that shows employers you have what it takes to be more than just another employee. You have what it takes to be part of the team.

Develop Skills Employers Want


Whether you’re writing an email or delivering a presentation, employers want graduates that can communicate complex information in understandable ways. The ability to write and present clearly is a professional necessity in today’s workforce.

Teamwork and Collaboration

No matter the industry, you’ll need to build collaborative relationships with diverse colleagues and customers. Learn how to negotiate and manage conflict with positive outcomes.


Employers want reliable, agile graduates who can follow through and deliver results. And the way you manage your time and react to mistakes say something about you as a professional. Now’s the time to enhance your skill set so when mistakes happen (trust us, they will), you have the ability to reflect and respond with confidence and professionalism.


Take advantage of your team projects to cultivate new skills. Learn how to leverage others’ strengths to achieve common goals. Master your interpersonal skills to inspire and coach team members. Explore your emotional triggers when working with others to anticipate and manage your emotions, and hone your empathic skills to effectively delegate work and motivate others.

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Take Action

Once you are officially admitted to the TCU Neeley School of Business you can apply to Neeley Premium Credentials. If accepted, you'll join a cohort of fellow business students. The program begins in the fall of your junior year and continues through graduation. The activities you complete in pursuit of this professional skills certification will be customized based on the areas you want to explore and our team will support you along the way.

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Steps Along the Way

Building a Professional Profile

It’s easy to create a profile on LinkedIn – the challenge is making it stand out. We can help you. Learn how to explore strategic opportunities, connect with other professionals and build an intentional, professional network.

Goal Setting

Learn how to design and pursue SMART Goals that will guide you toward personal and professional growth. We work with you to develop specific, tangible and realistic goals to support your professional journey.

Skills in Action

Enhance your skills apply them in new ways such as peer coaching, case competitions, case interviewing, and even small projects that incorporate research and a presentation of recommendations.

Managing Perceptions

Want to know what it’s like to work with you? We’ll find out by asking others. One of the biggest barriers to successful teams is the misuse of individual strengths. Gain insight and learn how to manage your strengths by exploring others' perspectives.