To ensure the fastest response to your request, please ensure you have provided all applicable documents. Failure to provide the necessary information will result in a delayed response or a denial to your request.

  • For sections that are full, if you do not have the prerequisites, or if you need a specific section to fit your class/work schedule, please attach the following:
    1. Copy of your class schedule. If the section you requested is not available, another section may be granted. If you are attempting to schedule classes with a work schedule, please attach your work schedule as well.
    2. Unofficial Transcript. You can find this in > Student Center > Path to Graduation.
    3. Advising Sheet. Either the 4-semester plan or the single-year plan.
  • For Graduating Seniors, please attach the following documents:
    1. A completed Intent to Graduate document. This document will be emailed to you from your advisor and will show the classes you need to take in order to graduate. Your request for your intent to graduate is NOT sufficient.
(ex. MANA 30153)
Available from > Student Center > Path to Graduation > Other Academic. Graduating Seniors, please attach your Intent to Graduate form.