Not a cost – an investment.

Finances are understandably a major part of your decision process. Just remember that education is an investment – so invest in a program you know will offer huge returns now and in the future.

The TCU MBA is competitively priced for a hands-on, challenging program ranked among the nation's best. We’ll work closely with you to identify financing programs or billing options.

2023-24 Academic Year

Tuition $1,982 per semester hour
Full-time MBA Fees $3,600 per semester 
Evening MBA Fees $1,700 per semester

Estimated Total Tuition & Fees*

  Projected Semester Hours Number of Semesters Total Program Cost
Full-time MBA (Standard) 54 4 $121,428
Full-time MBA (Accelerated) 36 3 $82,152
Professional MBA 42 8 $96,844
Professional MBA (Online) 42 8 $96,844
Professional MBA (Accelerated) 36 6 $81,552
Health Care MBA 42 8 $96,844
Energy MBA  42 8 $96,844
Energy MBA (Accelerated) 36 6 $81,552
Executive MBA N/A 3 $125,000

* Estimate does not include annual tuition increases. Actual expenses will depend on the number of semesters taken to complete the program. Some programs offer options for completing the program in fewer semesters. Books and materials are estimated between $2,500 and $3,000. Additionally, all students are expected to have access to a laptop computer.

Cost of Attendance