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This isn’t just another degree to add to your résumé. The TCU EMBA program is designed to turn you into a strategic leader – one who inspires your team, makes good decisions quickly and learns constantly. Through a comprehensive understanding of your business and yourself, you’ll be more than relevant: you’ll be vital, especially in a world as volatile as ours is now.

And you do it all through weekend classes that enable you to take what you learn in class and immediately apply it at work.

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PERSONAL. From getting close to your classmates, to getting personal attention from your professors, to digging deep with one-on-one leadership coaching, TCU Neeley is personal in so many ways. And while every class gets the same vital curriculum, faculty approach that curriculum based on each group of students and the unique issues you face in your daily work.

CONNECTED. TCU Neeley really plugs you in. Not only are you going to become close to 30-35 leading business professionals from a variety of industries, you’ll be grafted into TCU’s global network of influential alumni, faculty and business executives.

REAL. Our curriculum is based on time-tested principles and the latest research set in a global context. Our professors consult for major companies, and your classmates are all working full time, just like you are. That all adds up to a relevant education you’ll actually use, every day, before you even graduate.

Flexible, synchronous delivery.

It’s a different world, and we’ve adapted, expanding our program to enable you to attend class virtually in certain circumstances. We still make networking and peer learning a priority.

Get an inside look before you decide.

Attend a Preview Luncheon or Webinar

Join us for a mini-class hosted by one of our professors. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like in the Neeley classroom every weekend.

Visit a Class

If you want more than a taste, visit a real class for 2-4 hours–that includes meeting faculty, current students, and the director of recruiting.

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