Frequently Asked Questions

How do change my major to Business?
Admission to the Business School is an application process in the spring semester.  Click here and then refer to the TCU Internal Change of Majors section for more information. 

What are my first year requirements?
Please see our Admissions Checklist and refer to the "First Year Requirements" section.

What are the requirements to Apply to Neeley?
Please see our Admissions Checklist for a detailed list of requirements

What is the GPA requirement for the Business School?
GPA requirements

What is the Neeley computer policy?
Computer Policy

Is professional business attire required for business students?
Professional business attire is expected for interviews and some class presentations and other events. Financial assistance is available through the Suit Up Lead On Program.

Can I take courses as Pass/No Credit?
You may take up to 6 semester hours of course work on a Pass/No Credit basis. However, lower and upper-division business courses may not be taken on a P/NC basis. In accordance with university policy, no course applied to a student’s major, minor or associated requirements may be taken as P/NC. You must achieve a “C-“ or better to receive a “P”.

What math credits do I need for the Neeley School?
MATH 10283 - Applied Calculus is the only math course required for business majors. 
MATH 10524 - Calculus I will also satisfy the math requirement.

  • Credit will NOT be given for both MATH 10283 and MATH 10524
  • An AP score of 3, 4, or 5 in the Calculus AB exam is equivalent to Math 10524

Can I take classes away from TCU?
Permission through the Transfer Credit Request process is required before you can take courses outside of TCU for credit transfer. Information can be found here.

Can I double major?
Double majors are not for everyone, so make sure you discuss your options with your academic advisor and the Alcon Career Consultants. Be aware that adding majors can sometimes affect graduation timelines.

Can I take 18 hours?
Graduating seniors are permitted to take 18 hours with approval from their advisor. Non-graduating students will need to wait until the first day of class to enroll in more than 17 hours.

If I took a Lower Division Required (LDR) course at another university, does the grade count?
The grade will not count toward your official TCU GPA. The grade will be used to calculate your LDR GPA.

I want to minor in Business. 
Contact your major academic advisor. Here are the General Business Minor Courses

 How do I add/drop/enroll in a course?
Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register before I am advised?
If you are in your first four semesters at TCU, advising is required before registering for classes.

What is group advising?
Group advising is a 45-50 minute session where your Neeley advisors will go over important information to keep you on track in the business school. We will help create your schedule for the upcoming semester based on individual needs.

How do I sign up for group advising?
You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to sign up. Please bring your laptop and a pen.

Transfer Student Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for incoming transfer students?
Transfer Student Guide

I have been admitted as a transfer student. How do I get an appointment with an advisor?
Transfer students who have been admitted and deposited as pre-business may contact the Neeley Academic Advising Center at 817-257-6772 to make an appointment.

How do I know which classes will transfer from my previous institution?
When TCU receives your transcripts and you are admitted, you will receive a form called an “Articulation.” This shows everything you have previously taken and how it counts at TCU. Business courses are not automatically approved and may need a course syllabus to determine their equivalency.

Does my GPA transfer from a previous institution?
Your former cumulative GPA does not transfer over to your TCU GPA. However, any LDR courses you have taken will be calculated internally into your LDR GPA for the Neeley admissions process.