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BNSF Neeley Leadership Program

Leaders at work and in life.

Anyone can take tests and make good grades. But what does it take to be a leader?

By the end of this three-year program, you'll not only know the answer, you'll live it. You'll reflect, learn, practice and grow to your fullest potential, ready to influence and lead change in all aspects of your career and life.

Lead Now.

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Most corporations spend thousands to train top executives to lead. We believe leadership starts now. We take TCU students with a thirst for learning and turn you into confident, poised, self-aware and highly effective leaders. You and your classmates learn together to refine professional and personal skills sure to be noticed by future employers. By the time you graduate, you’ll know how to influence and get things done.

Lead Yourself.

lead now

“I learned to think through an idea before jumping in head first. When you have a clear goal, everything else falls into place. The results exceeded my wildest dreams.”

Paul Freeman ’19 looked around and within himself to find his passion and solve a problem.


Lead Others.

lead others

“People matter. In finance it’s easy to get bogged down with numbers, but business is about more than doing the job well. It’s about utilizing the people around you to make a bigger impact.”

Jose Barron’18 used understanding and leading people around him to increase his potential.


Lead Organizations.

lead organizations

“My first day as an intern, I thought, ‘I know this!’ I was so prepared. I could step up and make my voice heard.”

Cora Watanabe ’18 used her leadership skills and confidence to be in the thick of the action, making decisions and making an impact in a large corporation.


Why BNSF Neeley Leadership?

BNSF Neeley leaders think intellectually and creatively, look at challenges and solutions from a variety of viewpoints, encourage collaboration and develop ideas that drive the world forward. 

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Our unique combination of curricular and co-curricular activities immerses students in experiential learning that helps them grow and reach new heights.

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Our program is a fully integrated, intensive leadership development experience that rivals those of individuals at more advanced stages of their career.

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Our alumni are not just leaders at work. They are also leaders in their communities, society and the world.